PHOENIX – Theory and reality check. In theory, your police department could face controversy, scandal, crisis or some other media-grabbing situation. The reality is news media inquiries, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, phones ringing, text messages and everybody demanding answers. Who will help you navigate that wave of media attention? If you don’t feel prepared for that eventuality, here’s a name to write down:  Chris Ryan. Mr. Ryan provides real-time police media relations and crisis management services to law enforcement agencies worldwide. It’s a specialty and rare in the world of public relations consulting. Let’s face it—we live in an age of cell phone videos and hidden cameras. Every action a police officer performs on or off-duty can potentially be recorded, misinterpreted and uploaded to YouTube before anyone knows what happened. The response your department makes to the resulting media scrutiny will shape public impression for years. So don’t gamble with your agency’s public image; get the help you need to manage the situation. Chris Ryan has helped police departments world-wide respond to difficult situations. He’ll consult with you by phone, Skype, instant-message or in-person. Mr. Ryan responds quickly to help you mitigate the damage to your department’s reputation, without appearing defensive or secretive. He’ll let you know what to expect from the media. He’ll immediately point out your agency’s weak spots or things you might’ve missed and help you bolster them. Most of all, Ryan’s police media relations consulting can show you how to remain in control of the situation, even under intense media pressure. Because he’s made a career of knowing the media’s next move, he’ll counsel you on the steps to take to avoid being caught off-guard. This unique police public relations consulting service will help you turn high-profile negative situations around quickly, and coach you in ways to avoid them in the future. While he prefers to deliver his police media relations consulting services in person, Ryan often begins with a candid phone or online conversation to help you make the right first moves. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, his priority is helping you and your agency create a thoughtful response to the sudden focus on your department. Why react in ways that can negatively impact your agency’s public image, when Chris Ryan can respond quickly and guide you through the crisis? Whether it’s an officer’s indiscretions, dramatic YouTube video or the use of deadly force, the actions of law enforcement personnel can become news immediately in today’s 24/7 media culture. There’s no denying those are difficult situations, but Chris Ryan’s police public relations consulting services can help steer you through the storm.