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Police Social Media

Police Social Media boot camp

February 5-8, 2018
Paradise Valley Police Dept.
Paradise Valley, Arizona

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Unconventional – Candid – Progressive Instruction

Instructor CHRIS RYAN

A well-rounded and diverse background in international business, law enforcement, municipal courts, radio and television, give Mr. Ryan tremendous insight into his work and communications with clients and the news media. He speaks 3 languages and brings a wealth of knowledge, street smarts and instincts to each project that he undertakes.


PHOENIX – Let’s face it — police departments are front and center in the digital age. iPhone apps, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, LinkedIn, texting, sexting…. frankly, it’s a little mind-numbing.

Every action a police officer performs on or off-duty can be recorded, photographed, posted and scrutinized before anyone knows what happened. The question is, who can help you and your agency navigate the wave of Police Social Media?

The answer is,Chris Ryan

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Police Social Media Boot Camp

4-day ‘Master Police Social Media Officer’ – Certification Course Intensive Police Social Media Training – High caliber instruction, candid-discussions, computer labs, videos, cool-tech & more Police Social Media tricks, secrets & pitfalls 7 must have apps for your dept.


Breaking News & Police Social Media 7 must-have applications for your dept. Develop your social media policy Secrets, tricks and shortcuts Social Media and the Law “Real World” of Police Social Media Build and keep your audience Handling.

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Police Social Media Policy: Bombshell!

United States Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit.

HERBERT E. LIVERMAN; VANCE R. RICHARDS, Plaintiffs – Appellants, v. CITY OF PETERSBURG; JOHN I. DIXON, III, both individually and in his capacity as the Chief of Police for the City of Petersburg Bureau of Police, Defendants – Appellees.

No. 15-2207
Decided: December 15, 2016


Police branding and image management by Chris Ryan

Police branding and image management is not something that most law enforcement agencies have given much consideration until now. News and social media coverage of police activities and situations has put a spotlight on law enforcement and impacted the overall perception of policing…


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